Expert Online Marketing

So you have a website and that’s it right?

Would you pay for an ad in your local phone book,
if the book was never going to be published? Of course not.

Thousands of new websites are put online everyday, but the vast majority will never be seen. A new website needs to be exposed to the internet through various directories and social sites in order to be found by those searching for information, products, and services.

Online marketing and advertising can be very confusing and time consuming for someone without knowledge of what works in today’s marketplace. At CrazyWebDude, we are constantly learning the latest online marketing techniques.
We apply what works for a particular business and location. The best spot for any company to be is on the first page of search engine results for a particular search phrase, product, or service. When people search for what they want, our job is to put your company in front of those potential customers.

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