Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section here will hopefully answer some common questions
about website hosting and internet marketing.

  • Q.  What is the difference between a domain name and hosting?
  • A.  The domain name is the dot com address like “” . Hosting is
    basically where the files of the dot com are stored.
  • Q.  How long does it take to be up and running with a new site?
  • A.  Typically the domain name is ready within hours. Building the website
    depends on design and content levels. Lot’s of pictures and content could
    take several days to complete where a simple 5 page site with minimal graphics
    may be completed in one or two days.
  • Q.  Are there any guaranties for marketing my website?
  • A.  As with any advertising, online marketing depends on the market itself.
    If people are not searching for a particular product or service, then of course
    the number of visitors to a site with those product and services would be
    reflected from the market. We advise on marketing strategies for any market
    we research and advise the best steps to take.
  • Q.  Do you offer any upgrades/downgrades for marketing services?
  • A.  Yes we do! Hey, if your site needs more marketing to beat the competition,
    we will let you know. Also, if your site is growing by leaps and bounds holding it’s own
    we may recommend a savings for you.